Clan Donnachaidh Society
Upper Midwest Branch
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Year Founded: 1986

Total Members: 136

States Covered: 6

Yearly Games: 7-8

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What is a Clishmaclaver you say? The Clishmaclaver is a newsletter created by the clan to keep the members up to date with the latest news and "gossip" (clishmaclaver is the Scot word for idle talk; gossip)
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CDSUM History

Clan Donnachaidh Society Upper Midwest (CDSUM) was established in 1986 by Gordon and Patricia Wilber along with Joanne Reid and Phillis Anderson. They initially gathered about 12 people the Wilber's town house in Hoffman Estates to begin the task creating Clan Donnachaidh Upper Midwest.

The first thing they did was man a table at the Scottish Fair in the Irish American Center in Chicago. There more people signed up. By the end of 1986 the by-laws were written and Clan Donnachaidh Society Upper Midwest was officially established!

Clan Donnachaidh Society, Pacific Northwest donated 3 dirks, which were raffled to raise funds for the newly established society. Since that time, the clan created the Clishmaclaver for all Clan members to keep up to date with Clan activities. Gordon and Patricia also began the "Taste of Scotland" at their home. This gave everyone a reason to get together, sample authentic Scottish foods, and of course, a dram or two of single malt scotch.

In February 1990, Gordon and Patricia along with Marge Hale and the rest of the CDSUM members hosted the North American Conference of Clan Donnachaidh Presidents in Chicago. Alexander Gilbert Haldane Robertson of Struan (Chief of Clan Donnachaidh) found out about the event and wished to participate, which he did. Struan also returned in February 1993 for a 5 branch tour to kick off the centenary year. Our members represented CDSUM well during the Celebration in Pitlochry Scotland.

CDSUM turned twenty five in 2011 with a celebration dinner on the Milwaukee River. The event was arranged by Russ and Jessie Read. This year we celebrated our Thirtieth anniversary with a luncheon cruise on the Illinois River at Peoria.

Since its founding, CDSUM has continued to grow. We have active members in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. We currently man CDSUM tents at nine games across our territory.

Tartan Information

The Chief of the Robertsons' is said to have traveled around Atholl asking the old men of his clan what the true clan pattern was, but no-one could agree. Eventually he sealed as the true Robertson Tartan a piece of what is now called Hunting Robertson or Robertson of Kindeace, which is thought to be the tartan used for kilts by the Loyal Clan Donnachie (Robertson) Volunteers, a sort of home guard, raised in 1803. Like all such variations of the Government tartan, this pattern cannot be dated earlier than the late 18th Century and so it cannot have been the old Robertson clan tartan. Indeed, there are other old patterns associated with the clan which would have a better claim to being the "clan tartan" had one existed in c.1815.

(Information obtained from http://www.scottishtartans.co.uk/history.htm with permission from Peter MacDonald)

Modern Robertson Red
Robertson Red (modern)

Robertson Red Ancient Robertson Red (ancient)
Modern Hunting Robertson
Robertson Hunting (modern)

Reid Modern Tartan
Reid (modern)

Modern Duncan tartan
Duncan (modern)
Scottish Instruments

man playing bagpipes

Bagpipe Information



Alexander Robertson of Struan - BBC Documentary

Alexander Robertson of Struan was a legend in his own lifetime. As the thirteenth and last chief of his clan, he was the only Scot to have fought in all three Jacobite rebellions of the 17th and 18th centuries - and the only one to have published pornographic and political Gaelic verse. To see the full YouTube video and other video's like it click here.
Robertson Clan Land
Clan Land
Blair Castle
Clan Map
Clan Robertson Castle
Clan Map
Regional Map
Clan Map
Septs of Clan Donnachaidh
The main surname used by Clan Donnachaidh is Robertson, which is also used by the present chief's family, though other names are associated with the clan, the most common being Duncan and Reid. Other names associated with the clan may include:

Robert Burns
Robert Burns

In the month of January, Scots minded folk and many others are likely to share some of the works of Robert Burns as the words of Auld Lang Sine ring out world wide when the bells toll and the firework displays fill the sky, though a little later in the month is another notable occasion for many.... "Burns Night".. To celebrate Scotland's National Bard.

Burns Nights are celebrated in many corners of the globe, as Rabbie`s gift with words seems to have the ability to strike a cord no matter what nationality the reader...... Perhaps if you like to read poetry or the words of songs written from the heart and his little "addresses", you might enjoy a visit to this site: http://www.robertburns.org.

Rabbie wrote a word or two to suit every occasion as befitted the times in which he lived..... Many of which are as relevant today as when his ink was still wet.
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